The Story Behind Women of the Bible

Women of the Bible is the largest and most significant project I’ve ever undertaken — a project bringing together all of my passions without compromise. My inspirations are many and diverse, with the most important of these being the Bible. Other sources included myths and legends, as well as classical art from the Renaissance and Middle Ages. 

I started working on my Women of the Bible book series in 2013, and soon realized that because of the endless array of powerful Biblical women in these stories, the project could last for many years to come. As it is well known, there are no ‘unnecessary’ words in the Bible — meaning every single name bears strong significance. Working on Women of the Bible, allowed me to dedicate much time to my own study and knowledge of the Bible. 

The work begins with focusing on one singular character, followed by comprehensive research and collecting of materials. I begin by reading the source, and then explore literary works and even poetry surrounding the characters and situations. The materials I use to study lead me to creating motifs, which lead to further depth and development. Most of the photographs involve me combining recreated scenes, with added touches and flourishes from my own imagination. 

The dresses are created directly on the models, using fine fabrics stitched together. The most complex of the photographs involve animals usually, due to the unpredictable nature of their behavior. And by the end of a typical day capturing these scenes, we usually all have scratches and bruises — but it’s all worth it, the sense of satisfaction of a productive day’s work is incomparable. 

The landscape of the Golan Heights, where I’ve made my home for the past 17 years, are the setting for most of the photos. The mountains majestically change based on the time of the day, as well as the season. During the summertime, the scenery is dry, wild and primeval. During the winter, the mountains are covered with an intense greenery that injects life into the surroundings. Sometimes I have to be patient and wait several months for the right moment, to capture the perfect frame to express my vision. 

I’m eternally thankful for the opportunity to be able to capture powerful women of the bible, through this unforgettable journey of religious photography, devotion and expression.