The mother of Abraham, Amatlai, daughter of Karnevo

“And moreover she is indeed my sister, the daughter of my father, but not the daughter of my mother; and so she became my wife.” Genesis 20:12

The mother of Abraham, Amatlai, daughter of Karnevo.

It is unclear whether she was also the mother of Haran and Nahor.

The Torah not only refrains from mentioning her name but also gives only a subtle indication of her existence.
While she is not referenced in the narrative of Abraham’s birth (Genesis 11.26), she is only brought up later when Abraham informs Abimelech, the king of Gerar, that Sarah is his paternal but not maternal sister “And moreover she is indeed my sister, the daughter of my father, but not the daughter of my mother; and so she became my wife.” (Genesis 20.12).

The sages give Abraham’s mother three names: Amatlai Bat (daughter of) Karnevo, Atdayi, and Ednah Bat (daughter of) Aram.

The lack of information about Abraham’s mother in the Bible story, led the Sages to fill in the missing information, and there are three versions of the legend, here is one:
Terach was seventy years old when Amatlai, gave birth to Abraham.
On the night Abraham was born, there was a feast at Nimrod’s house, among the guests were all his wise men and sorcerers.
They looked up at the sky and saw a big star coming from the east, “and it ran in the sky and swallowed up four stars from the four corners of the heavens.” Nimrod saw that he would be succeeded by a son.

His wise men advised him to build a great house where all pregnant women would reside, and all the male children born there would be killed, while the female children would bring gifts to their mothers. More than seventy thousand sons were killed.

At the same time, Abraham’s mother conceived, when she was in the third month of pregnancy, her face was pale and her husband suspected that she was not feeling well. She kept her pregnancy a secret, and a miracle happened – her pregnancy was not visible until her due date approached. She left the city and went to a cave where she gave birth to Abraham. The entire cave was filled with light from the baby’s radiance. His mother covered him with a garment and left him in the cave, praying for God’s mercy.

The sound of the crying infant was heard by God, who sent the angel Gabriel to him, who was nursing him with his finger. When Abram was ten days old, he left the cave and discovered his surroundings, the starry skies, and the cycles of nature. As he was bathing his face in the spring, the angel appeared to him.

His mother came to search for him in the cave but did not find him, and she cried. She met Abram, who was tall and had a high stature, and told him that she was looking for her newborn son who was born ten days ago. Abram told her that he was the baby she had left behind, and he told her about God who had revealed him.