Camera with a Paintbrush is the fulfillment of an idea I had for two years — celebrating working and laboring women, through photography.

My first influence was from a Velasquez painting called The Sewing Woman. The painting depicts nothing more than a woman concentrating on her sewing. I found so much peace in the painting — the everyday simplicity against the backdrop of her genius. 

From there, I started collecting paintings from that era that documented simple tasks, finding the holiness, beauty and detail in these works from the Renaissance period. The details fascinate me, if I could paint with such skill I wouldn’t need to be a photographer. 

This led me to try and ‘paint’ with my camera lens, creating the mysterious atmosphere of these classical paintings. The camera allowed me to document these intricate scenes in great detail, weaving textures and layers throughout the work. 

The project was shot at the Donna Gracia museum in Tiberias, Israel. The space let me freely use all its facilities and collection of clothing. Photographing in Donna Gracia’s house created a magical experience for me, with her influence showing up throughout the work.